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Ambigram Rings in Titanium

The gift they'll flip over!

Ambigrams are inscriptions that can
be read forward AND upside-down.

Ambigram Ring
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Enter your names or words below:

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Click here for some Ambigram Names!


Ambigram names or words with 3-8 letters often look the best. The ambigram generator accepts letters only, 9 maximum.

Type one word in the first box for a design that looks the same both ways, for example: Justin

Enter a different word in each box for a design that says something different upside-down. These ambigram designs ideally should have the same number of letters in both words.

Not all words can be transformed into an ambigram, so if the ambigram generator can't compute a solution then try alternate words or nicknames.

Ambigrams can be names, cities, word opposites, teams, etc. Here are some more ambigram ideas...

Ambigram Rings in Women’s & Men’s Styles

Let us create a custom Ambigram Ring out of titanium just for you. Join your partner’s ambigram name with yours, or forever connect your family and friends into one design. Create this ambigram jewelry as a gift for someone special, or make one for yourself. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Just like our Text Engraved Rings, we make these Ambigram Rings with beautiful calligraphy artwork carved into the titanium using a computer guided rotary cutter.

The ambigram and ring interior are finished in your choice of natural titanium, or one of our seven vibrant, anodized colors.

Click below to create your Ambigram Ring today!


We received our ambigram rings today... above and beyond expectations! She was extremely happy. We’ll be spreading the word, of course our rings speak for themselves.

- H. Weaklend

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