• Titanium Rings by Cascadia

What if my spouse’s ring doesn’t match?

Cascadia’s titanium rings can be worn as wedding rings or dress rings for ladies or gentlemen. Each style is available in matching ladies and Men’s sets. While some couples do enjoy matching sets, most choose wedding bands to suit their own individual tastes. There is no religious custom that requires or suggests that the ladies’ wedding ring match the gentleman’s wedding band.

Many times the gentleman’s band will be more simple and masculine while the ladies’ ring may be more elaborate or ornate. Work and recreation environments may dictate a certain material and style as well.

With the popularity of titanium eyeglass frames and watches, customers feel my titanium rings are an attractive choice to compliment these accessories.

I suggest that if your spouse is wearing gold, you select one of my gold inlay rings. Likewise my sterling silver inlays will complement those precious metals.  If you choose to wear different styles, don't feel as though you are breaking any rules.

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