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Comfort Fit Rings

Comfort Fit rings have a fully curved interior profile with rounded inside edges.

Comfort Fit Ring Cascadia All my rings have a True Comfort Fit interior contour. Be aware that many titanium rings on the market claim to be comfort fit, but just have a straight "pipe fit" interior with only the very edges tapered and rounded off.

When the ring interior is not fully rounded, more skin gets trapped inside the ring and it becomes harder to remove. It is also less tolerant of normal fluctuations in finger size.

My rings have a fully curved interior - a true comfort fit. This inside contour is more tolerant of normal fluctuations in your finger size, is easier to get on and off, and prevents your finger from pinching when making a fist or lifting heavy objects. On widths of 5mm or less, the Comfort Fit advantage is not as noticeable.

I can also make your ring with a straight (pipe fit) interior upon request.

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