• Titanium Rings by Cascadia

Titanium Ring Finishes

Cascadia titanium rings are very comfortable due to their lightweight, contoured edges and smooth interior finish. Ring interiors come with a High Polish finish unless you specify that it match the exterior finish.

The natural color of titanium is a cool silver-gray. Its tone is comparable to platinum or stainless steel, but with a slightly darker complexion. Titanium does not match silver or white gold, which are lighter in color.

High Polish Finish is the brightest, most reflective finish available in titanium. This finish works best for narrow, ladies’ rings.

Satin Finish has a soft brushed, lustrous appearance and is recommended for Men’s Rings and rings with anodized colors. This finish has the best contrast against metal inlays and anodized colors.

Hammered Finish has hand-hammered indentations giving the ring random textured facets.

Titanium is tough however, like all other jewelry metals, it can scratch. With my free lifetime Clean & Polish policy, return your ring four times a year for free polish and cleaning - you only pay for the shipping. I also include instructions for polishing and cleaning your titanium ring at home.

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