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Titanium Grades for Rings

Cascadia titanium rings and wedding bands are available in the two most common grades of titanium: Aerospace Grade 5 (Ti 6Al/4V alloy) and the Commercially Pure (CP Grade 2).

The natural color of titanium is a cool silver-gray. Its tone is comparable to platinum or stainless steel, but with a slightly darker complexion. Titanium does not match silver or white gold, which are lighter in color.

Either grade of titanium makes an attractive, strong, lightweight ring. Both grades are nickel free and won't provoke allergies.

Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium is the most common grade.  It is the workhorse of the titanium industry.  Grade 5 titanium is an alloy (90% titanium, 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium) and is harder than CP grade, with a tensile strength of over 130,000 psi. Grade 5 is tougher because of its greater hardness and alloy composition. When anodized, aerospace grade titanium colors are slightly more vibrant than CP grade titanium colors. Most people select the Aerospace Grade Titanium for their ring.

Commercially Pure Titanium is 98.99% pure, unalloyed titanium. This grade is softer than the Aerospace Grade 5, (but still harder than gold) and has a tensile strength of over 40,000 psi.

Titanium, like all jewelry metals, will acquire surface scratches or scuffs through everyday wear. Scratches will be particularly evident in new ring, but as the ring is worn it develop a natural, even satin patina over the entire surface. Learn how to care for your titanium ring.

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