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Titanium Ring Benefits

Fortune magazine calls titanium, "The Sexiest Element in the Whole Periodic Table."* I agree. Titanium is a modern exotic metal used for aerospace applications, surgical implants, and sports equipment. More recently it has become a popular choice for jewelry, watches and eyeglass frames. Superior strength-to-weight ratio and hypoallergenic properties make titanium ideal for these modern applications.

You’ll enjoy many benefits with your Cascadia titanium ring:

Attractive -
  Silver-gray, pure and strong. Cool to the touch, and cool to look at.

Strong -
  45 percent stronger than stainless steel of the same weight.

Lightweight -
  At 1/4 the weight of gold, it’s easy to wear and surprisingly lightweight.

Durable -
  Highly resistant to corrosion. Will not tarnish, pit or rust.

Hypoallergenic -
  100% biocompatible. Will not produce skin irritation or discoloration.

Symbolic -
  Its seamless, unbroken circle symbolizes unending love.

Affordable -
  Titanium rings start at just $64.

* Fortune Magazine, October 26, 1998.

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