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How do you make your titanium rings?

Cascadia fuses art and technology to individually craft each ring from solid titanium bar stock. Our titanium rings are not forged, cast, stamped, nor made from tubing. They are solid billet and have no seams, solders or welds. The unbroken circle of your wedding ring symbolizes never-ending love. Multiple rings on the same order are made from the same bar.

All rings on this web site are made by us - we are not a distributor or reseller. We perform all the operations that go into crafting your custom titanium ring. Titanium defies traditional jewelry making techniques. Working titanium requires a solid understanding of its characteristics, custom tooling, skill and patience.

Titanium Rings Design

Your ring is made individually per order; it is not mass-produced via some automated process. We use precision CNC machines and sophisticated software to be sure, however each ring is made to order one at a time and finished by hand.

Starting with a solid bar of titanium, computer-controlled turning and milling stations, driven by our proprietary parametric software, shape each ring to its precise dimensions and contours. For example, CNC technology allows us to make true comfort-fit (fully curved) ring interiors rather than the flat (pipe fit) interior found on many rings. CNC machining also allows us to spend less time roughing out the ring, and more time focusing on the detailed, handcrafted operations that truly matter.

After your ring is machined, we perform additional contouring, blending, edge rounding and smoothing by hand. Stones, textures, inlay, and color finishes are applied by hand. We then intricately finish your custom ring by hand. The final process is a multi-step, hand polish to your choice of luster.

Our on-line order system, shipping system, and machining stations are networked and integrated through our proprietary software. This eliminates redundant, error-prone data entry as we custom make your ring with the options you selected. Even the ring-specific parametric CNC software that guides our machines is automatically generated directly off your order without intervention.

True Comfort Fit

Comfort Fit Ring Cascadia

All our rings come with a true Comfort Fit interior contour. Be aware that many titanium rings on the market claim to be comfort fit, but just have a straight "pipe fit" interior with only the edges tapered and rounded off.

When the ring interior is not fully rounded, more skin gets trapped inside the ring and it becomes harder to remove. It is also less tolerant of normal fluctuations in finger size.

Our rings have a fully curved interior - a true comfort fit. This interior contour is easier to get on and off, more tolerant of normal fluctuations in your finger size, and prevents your finger from pinching when making a fist or lifting heavy objects. On widths of 5mm or less, the Comfort Fit advantage is not as noticeable.

Ring Inlays

Inlaid rings are hand fitted with your choice of 18-karat Gold, Platinum 900, or Sterling Silver. Our inlays are not plated or thin surface effects; they are solid precious metal inlays seamlessly set as deep into the ring as the inlay is wide. Thus, you can be assured your ring will withstand a lifetime of wear and polishing.

Stone Set Rings

We set our stones in white gold bezels for a beautiful finished look. The stones in Cascadia titanium rings are secured mechanically (without glues) for a reliable setting.

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