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Rings Handmade in Washington State

Anodized Colors

I contour light as well as metal. My anodized finishes are nature’s true metallic colors.

The optional anodized color finish is applied to the carved out (recessed & protected) design/text areas of the titanium ring. The outer surface area of the ring remains natural titanium color.

  • Royal Blue Rings

    Royal Blue

  • Antique Gold Rings

    Antique Gold

  • Rose Gold Rings

    Rose Gold

  • Midnight Blue Rings

    Midnight Blue

  • Fuchsia Rings


  • Deep Purple Rings

    Deep Purple

  • Sun Gold Rings

    Sun Gold

  • Natural Titanium Rings

    Natural Titanium

Colored titanium rings are processed through a unique, computerized high voltage anodizing system developed by Cascadia. My technology guarantees uniform and reliable color production.

The anodize process passes an electrical current through the titanium ring placed in a conductive bath, forming a transparent titanium-oxide layer on the ring’s surface. The applied voltage determines the oxide thickness, which creates the color. The iridescent colors are formed by the refraction of light off of, and through this transparent oxide layer, essentially a 50 to 200 nanometer thick prism.

These colors are called interference colors and work on the same principle as colors seen in a soap bubble. There are no coatings, pigments or dyes involved - just pure refracted light.