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Custom Made Titanium Rings by Cascadia Design Studio

Looking for a Custom Made Titanium Ring?
I'm here to make it for you!

Titanium Ring Collection

Chelsea and Alex are enjoying their custom titanium rings and I’ll create a ring designed expressly for you as well.

Choose a Wedding Ring, Promise Ring, Celtic Ring, Kanji Symbol Ring, Text Engraved Band or Posey Ring. Either way, you’ll enjoy comfort and style while wearing the lightest, strongest, and most popular ring around.

Don’t settle for imported, mass-produced "off the rack" rings in limited sizes and widths. I'll make your exact size (in quarter sizes) in a wide range of widths. Since I'm the manufacturer, you can also personalize the colors, finishes, and more to make the ring uniquely your own.

Text engraved titanium bands make great promise rings and wedding bands. Create any inscription and select your font.

Shopping for a custom titanium ring? I have a selection of Wedding Bands and Promise Rings that will meet your budget. If you have an idea for a ring design, or see a jewelry design here you would like to modify, send an email for a complimentary quote. Also, Diamond, gems, or cubic zirconia settings can be added to most my ring designs.

How can I sell titanium custom-made rings at reasonable prices? The answer is simple - I make my own jewelry and sell direct online. With no distributers or retail overhead to pay, the usual high mark-up on jewelry is eliminated. I just make beautiful rings, beautifully affordable to own.

Thanks so much Ed! We received our Promise Rings & they look beautiful. We love them! Thank you so much for your service and beautiful craftsmanship. Please thank everyone involved in making them for us!

- Dania G.

7 Reasons You’ll Want a Titanium Ring
by Cascadia

  • Reputation
    My customers say it best. Check out my customer reviews!
  • Appearance
    Titanium is an attractive, contemporary metal used in jewelry, watches, and eyeglass frames. The natural color of titanium has a cool silver-gray hue, darker and deeper than silver or white gold. Its tone is comparable to platinum, but with a slightly darker complexion.
  • Strength & Durability
    Weighs just 1/4 as much as gold, but is 45% stronger than steel of the same weight.
  • Hypoallergenic
    Titanium is 100% bio-compatible, nickel-free, and will not irritate or discolor your skin.
  • Personalized
    Specify your exact size & width. Deep engraved inscriptions available.
  • Pricing
    Cascadia Design’s jewelry is affordable and starts at just $64.
  • Made in the USA
    Your ring is custom made by me in Washington State.
    I don’t import or re-sell inferior jewelry.

About Cascadia Titanium Rings

I established Cascadia Design Studio fifteen years ago to create unique, custom Titanium Rings, Wedding Bands and Promise Rings. Located near Seattle, the name comes from the Cascadia region in Washington State.

I’ve built my business by one satisfied customer at a time. My goal is to exceed your expectations with a beautiful, handmade ring that will last a lifetime. Many of the titanium wedding bands and promise rings in jewelry stores are mass-produced offshore and heavily marked-up. Instead, I custom craft your ring to order and deliver value.

As a direct manufacturer operating solely on the Internet, I do not carry the overhead that the jewelry stores do. I produce my own titanium jewelry and bypass all middlemen. All these savings are passed on to you. Enjoy the ring collections!

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