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Rings Handmade in Washington State

Ring Sizer US 3 to 13


Note: Ring Sizers ship within the US only.

Not sure of your ring size? Do not use string, printed paper gauges, adjustable white plastic belt sizers, rulers, or guess your size. Those methods are NOT accurate.

It's very important to be sure of your ring size. I do charge a restock fee if I need to make a new ring due to an size error on the order (See my shop Policies for details).

This ring sizer kit covers US sizes 3 to 13 in half-size increments. I can make your ring in quarter sizes, so you can pick a size between two of the gauges. You are not required to purchase this item, but I recommend it, even if you have been sized by a jeweler (they have mis-sized my customers before).

Ships within one business day via First Class Mail. Allow 4-5 business days for delivery.

Note: Ring Sizers do not ship outside the US.

I recommend ordering your ring(s) at the same time to get your order scheduled in the queue, as well as receive a 50% automatic discount on the sizer. Once you have determined your size, contact me and I'll start your ring(s).