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Rings Handmade in Washington State

Why choose Cascadia?


All of my rings and wedding bands are made here at my studio in Washington State. They are crafted to the highest standards with all of the raw titanium, precious metals, diamonds and gemstones sourced from long-standing, reputable suppliers in the US.

I take extra time and effort to contour and finish each ring so it is silky smooth and passes rigid inspection under magnification. All rings are made and sold by me - I'm not an importer, distributor or reseller.


Many of the rings in jewelry stores are mass-produced offshore and heavily marked-up. Instead, I work with raw materials, craft your ring to order, and deliver value at wholesale prices.


I offer a wide range of titanium ring styles and options, with over 1,200 combinations to choose from.

My rings are made to precise 1/4 sizes which results in a better, more comfortable fit. Most companies, even the major ones, offer only 1/2 sizes. Custom designs are welcome - just email for a free quote.

My designs are available in different widths. That means couples can choose the same motif, yet have rings appropriate for their finger sizes.


I'm knowledgeable about your ring because I perform all the steps that go into crafting it. I’ll assist you with selection, options and sizing to deliver the exact ring you want. A ring sizer is available when you order.


Cascadia is named for the Cascadia region of my home north of Seattle in Washington State. Founded in 2000, I've built my business by one satisfied customer at a time. My goal is to exceed your expectations with a beautiful titanium ring that will last a lifetime.


I absolutely love my job! 20 years in this business, thousands of satisfied customers, and continuous growth says it all.

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