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Rings Handmade in Washington State

Ring Profiles

Domed Bands offer the most traditional look. The profile curvature is dependent upon the width of the ring. A dome profile with a width of 5mm will have a steep slope, while a 9mm dome profile will have a very shallow slope.

Flat Bands offer a linear, understated look. They have a basic rectangular cross section with rounded edges.

Inlaid Rings have one or more seamless bands of 18-karat Gold or .925 Sterling Silver.

Color Rings have recessed channels or designs anodized to a metallic color.

Height is the difference between the outside and inside diameters of the ring.

Ring Height

I make the Ring Height proportional to the ring size: Smaller rings have a thinner ring shank, while larger rings have a thicker ring shank. It increments from 1 mm (0.040") on the smallest ring, to 2 mm (0.080") on the largest ring. I can vary the thickness of your ring upon request when you order.