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Engraved Ring - Pick your Text


With this Personalized Titanium Ring you'll wear the inscription that best represents you. Pick your text and font and I'll craft this beautiful ring you can wear for any occasion.

This custom-made titanium ring has intricate text engravings of your choice, precision carved into the ring. A maximum of 32 characters (including spaces) will fit on a ring. The displayed ring price depends on the number of letters chosen to be engraved.

Don't confuse this ring with ones made using uneven, irregular hand-stamped impressions. Instead, I make my rings with crisp, precision aligned engravings. The metal is removed deep enough to click your fingernail on the edges of the text.

Names, initials, dates or phrases may be carved in your choice of seven anodized colors. Select from 9 fonts (See list in the photos section for font examples). I precision carve your text into the ring. I don't use inferior, shallow laser engraving that just sets on the surface and scratches off. The recessed, carved text on this ring will not wear down and "disappear" over time.

Pick from seven anodized colors or leave the text natural titanium color. Shown here inscribed Mo Anam Cara in Gaeilge (Celtic) font (translation: My Soul Mate), Midnight Blue color on a 7mm wide, comfort fit ring. The ring interior color is optional.

The ring price depends on the number of letters engraved. The Mo Anam Cara ring example as shown is $190. Available in satin or high polish finish, your custom designed text engraved titanium ring may be created in widths ranging from 6.5 - 9mm.

I craft all of my rings upon order, meaning they are made strictly to your specifications for a one-of-a-kind keepsake. See my photos for examples. A few examples of text engraved rings I have made in the past are:

• Forever Mo Anam Cara (Translates as “My Soul Mate” or “My Soul Friend”)

• Love You Forever

• Be Strong

• Always Forever

• Grá Go Deo (Translates as “Love Forever” or “Forever Love”)

• Mother & Daughter

I can also engrave French, Gaelic, German, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Sanskrit, Russian and other languages.

Note: I do not provide translation into other languages, so enter your text exactly as you want it to appear on your ring. If you want characters that don't appear on a standard US keyboard, contact me first for instructions.



Titanium is a natural element that is nickel-free and hypoallergenic. Its natural color is cool silver-gray, darker than silver or white gold. Its tone is comparable to platinum, with a slightly darker complexion.

I craft your ring by hand in my workshop here in Washington State. Each ring is made to order, to your specifications. Your ring will ship in just 7 to 10 days.

Your ring is made on a lathe from a solid bar of Titanium. No seams, solders or welds.

Why a Titanium Ring?

• Strong & lightweight: Won’t wear down or distort like softer silver or gold.

• Appearance: An attractive metal with a tone comparable to platinum.

• Does not tarnish: Titanium will not discolor your skin.

• Hypoallergenic & nickel-free: Ideal if you have a nickel allergy to jewelry.

• Lasts a lifetime: All metal. No fragile “organic” materials to get damaged.

• Not brittle: Unlike tungsten, titanium can’t shatter when dropped.

• Resizable upward: I can enlarge my rings up to a total of ½ size.

• Best long term value: Affordability + Durability + Appearance


• Sizes: US sizes 3.5 – 15 in whole, half, or quarter-size increments.

• Color as shown: Midnight Blue (Six other colors available).

• Width as shown: 7mm ( 6 - 9mm widths available in 1mm increments).

• Finish as shown: Satin exterior with optional Midnight Blue interior.

• Exterior Profile: Gentle curvature.

• Interior Profile: Comfort Fit.

• Gender-neutral: Just select the size & width that works best for you.

• Material: Titanium - Aerospace grade 5, Hypoallergenic, Nickel-Free.

• Packaging: Fabric drawstring gift pouch.


• Please be sure of your size as there is a restock fee if returned for an order error (See Shop Policies).

• I can enlarge your ring up to 1/2 size (one time) for a small fee, but can't make it smaller.

• Order the Ring Sizer kit option if you're unsure of your size.